Parallel import

Parallel Import department at Miles International has a very strong and motivated team of people who have, all together, more than 40 years of experience in this business.

Miles International has an extensive supplier base throughout North America, Europe and Asia and has built a great working relationship and trust with the suppliers thereby ensuring that we secure the most exclusive of lines at the best prices for our customers. The P.I. Buying team work within a very structured department with good procedures and communication at the heart of this, thus helping the team achieve the daily/monthly/annual goals in a professional manner. The connections they have are very important and they are based on personal relationships with customers/suppliers which are considered an added value for the development of long lasting and profitable business cooperation. The products can be sourced worldwide where the price could be most competitive however insuring that GDP guidelines are strictly followed. So what the PI team do is to retrieve information from all the contacts in the different countries and find the best opportunity to buy the required products. This task requires an attentive research and close cooperation with people working in other countries. The portfolio of licences with us is growing all the time and with the investment we are making in research, staff, facilities, and licences makes this a very exciting time for Miles International. All this pulls out Miles International and makes the company be the right and colourful exception in the normal and grey world of pharmaceutical trade and you’ll love to work with us!

Cold Chain Management

Today temperature maintenance has become as important as the drug itself with the shift from synthetic molecules to biosimilar drugs, plasma proteins etc. Any breach in the required storage temperature can render the drug ineffective and virtually useless. WHO – Good Distribution Practices requires certain medicines to be stored and transported at the desired temperature as mentioned on the pack. Cold chains management thus plays a critical role in insuring that temperature-sensitive goods (such as vaccines, serums, biological, and test samples) are maintained at the right temperature from the time they are manufactured until the time they are used by the patient. In order to achieve this we use specialized thermal containers and insulated boxes with temperature monitoring systems in all of our cold chain shipments. All of our processes are validated frequently as per WHO GDP guidelines and we follow the best practises in the Industry.

Drop shipment

Our success has been in building a business around relationships with our customers and partners. With the high degree of trust and confidence shared between us and customers and partners, the business has branched out into offering drop shipment services, where we ship products directly to our clients customers.


Through our network of suppliers in EU, USA, Japan, South Korea and Australia which can procure most pharmaceutical products from major companies directly and securely. Our experience combined with our network of suppliers makes it possible for us to procure life-saving medicines from the countries where they are already approved for marketing and offer when where they are required. As we have a dedicated team which source specialty medicines all over the globe for our Named Patient Programme, with the assurance of providing such inaccessible medicines when required. At Miles International you can be assured that the highest quality standards in all our operations will be adhered to. All our activities are fully compliant to WHO GDP and our warehousing facilities are regularly audited and temperature mapped.